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What are your rates? Each location is owned and operated by a local family and they set the final rates. However, our rates vary based on the size of the crew and the day of the week.
Are there any additional fees? We have a one time $80.00 truck charge within our service area. We also charge 1/2 hour(x the labor rate) for EACH county that we travel outside our regular service area on your move.
When does the time start? When the movers pull up in front of the first location.
Does the crew take breaks? We try to keep this to a minimum, but some water/smoke breaks are nessasary on longer jobs.
Does the crew break for lunch? Most of the time the crew will stop for fast food between the pick up and drop off points if the job is long enough to warrent that.
When do you start? We prefer to start our jobs at 8am for mornings and 2pm for afternoons. (please schedule bigger jobs for the morning)
When do you call it a day? When the job is finished, or the customer/crew decides its time to stop.
At what point does the rate change for after hours moving? We will work well into the night without complaint, but all rates go to "time and a half" after 8pm.
Are you licensed / insured? Licensed, bonded, and insured....
How do you pay for damages? Repair if possible, or settle at .60/pound if needed. (Most customers are very pleased with how we handle damages)
What are your hours? We work 7 days a week.
Are there any items you don't move? There are some items that we just don't have the equipement to move... They are rare.
How many men should I request? Rule of thumb is 1 or 2 bedrooms in the home/apt should get a 2 man crew. 3 bedrooms should get 3 men, and 4 to 5 bedrooms may need multiple crews. Ask our dispatcher for more details.
Whoes name should I put on the contract? Give as much info as possible. If someone else is paying, (business, family member) we would like that person's contact information.
When is payment due? All payments are due at the end of the job unless cleared thru accounting.
Why do I need to give you my Credit Card info at time of booking? This is for cancellation purposes. We will charge a fee of $75.00 of you cancel less than 24 hours ahead. Your name on our schedule may mean we have to turn someone else down.
Will you invoice my company? Only if you set it up in advance with our Accounts Receivables Dept. This usually requires a letter from your Accounts Payable Dept.
How soon should I book? ASAP. This will ensure that you get the exact time and date you want. However, we are very proud of our jump up and go reputation for helping customers at the last minute. Telling a customer NO is very rare. Even with only a couple hours notice.
What if i'm just over the county line out side the service area? If you are on "county line road", but on the other side... You will pay the extra 1/2 hour travel.
What if I have multiple pick up or drop off points? We do not charge extra for this, but the clock will run.
Will you pack my belongings? We do not bring packing materials unless the customer requests them. If you need us to pack, we usually schedule that for the previous day.
Do I need to buy boxes? We will happily sell you boxes, and we deliver.
How do I know how many boxes I will need? When in doubt, order more than you think We will buy back any UNUSED boxes.
What are your box sizes? small (1.5 cubic feet) Med. (3 cubic feet) Large (4.5 cubic feet). We also have Wardrobes and picture frame boxes.
What are the prices for packing supplies? See the price list
How do you protect my furniture? We quilt wrap or shrink wrap all furniture. see example
How do you protect my walls and floors We will put some of our pads in the traffic areas of the house and cover the banaster to help gaurd against scratches and dirt.
What size trucks do you have? We use 24 and 26 foot box trucks.
Can I get a flat rate for my move? No. We bill by the hour. We do promise our men with have a good work ethic while on your clock.
Do you go out of state? Yes.
How do I file a claim? On the front page of our website is a printable form to fill out and mail or fax in.
Do we need to tip the movers? If you feel they provided service that warrents a tip.
What if I need to store some items? We provide storage. We have our own self storage facility or can help arrange storage for you.
What if I just need to store my things on the truck overnight? There is a fee for this.
Do you give any senior discounts? Yes. 10%
Do you charge more on holidays? Thanksgiving, and Easter are Double Time. We don't work Christmas.
How do I get an estimate? There are so many factors involved with moving. The best bet is to schedule an on-site estimate with our staff. However, we will provide a quick estimate over the phone if you wish.
Do you offer "will not exceed" pricing? No.
Can I start my move at other times than 8 or 2? Sure. We work around your schedule. But other factors will come into play; like daylight, or traffic, etc.
Does the driver need directions? Generally, we use mapquest or google but these are not perfect. We may need to call in route.
Can I ride with the crew to the unload location? No.
Do I have to be there while they are loading / unloading? We would prefer it, but no. There are always questions about where things go.
Can we help the movers to make things go quicker? You are welcome to help. Customers often carry boxes and smalls out to the truck, but the men will need things in a certain order.
What are the hidden fees? Unlike most companies; we don't add stair charges or extra stop fees.
Are your men full time or temps? We use full time professionals that move almost every day.
Do you load or unload my rental truck? Sure. The rates are the same.
Do you have a minimum number of hours? Well, sort of... We ask that you put smaller moves in the afternoon and don't require a minimum. If you require a morning appointment; we only require a 3 hour minimum. That makes us the perfect choice for smaller moves that you would normally do yourself.
How do you charge for partial hours? In 1/4 hour increments.
What if its raining or snowing? Generally, we will work in bad weather. Severe ice is the one thing that will ground our trucks. Weather will often cause a job to take longer, but the customer decides weather we keep working or postpone.
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